Sunday, January 29, 2012


Some days are just better than others. Yesterday wasn't one of those days for me. I attended a fantastic church service however I was sad. Sometimes, I let my moods overtake me. Life can get kind of stressful sometimes and I need to remind myself that it's all going to be ok. I am surrounded by so much love and incredible people who understand me and I forget that. I have a wonderful boyfriend, family, friends and I have love from a Savior who died for my sins... what do I really have to worry about?! Jobs come and go. Money goes as fast as it came. But love is eternal. So, what do I do to cheer myself up? I take silly pictures on Photo Booth. I find it a good outlet to be silly and not be so serious all of the time :)

I have some rockin' bangs in this one :)

Don't get so wrapped up in life and the stress it can bring that you forget to be you and to be silly and have fun! Take a deep breath, relax and know that God has it all under control. 

And this song is a fantastic reminder of God's infinite love for us. Love the David Crowder Band.


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