Tuesday, May 8, 2012


The day finally came.

It's kind of mind blowing to talk about this, because I was starting to lose hope... but I got a job.

A full time, 9 to 5 in a law office.

The commute is absolutely amazing too. It's almost an exact year from when I graduated college that I am going to start working there. I'm so grateful to God, my boyfriend Michael, my family and friends who encouraged me along the way. Who never gave up on me, when I wanted to give up on myself. I can't say God didn't have his Hand in this because the circumstances are just too perfect for Him not to. The rejection period has ended ( for now) and I finally got my yes. :)

This year of waiting has been a crazy one. An emotional rollercoaster. I've set my heart on so many opportunities that didn't come through. But I also met a lot of great people along the way and had a lot of other opportunities that I wouldn't have had had I been working a full time job. So I'd say things happened for a reason.

God is patient when we are not. God is faithful when we have doubt. God always believes in us.

This is my time to do well and grow in a career and I couldn't be any more excited and grateful.

Romans 12:12

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.